Less than interesting times

Vagabond Tim
I cannot understate the excitement of a New Years party in Bangladesh.

The hotel made a noble attempt, but in a country with no alcohol and a different calendar it was seriously underwhelming.

The musicians seemed on the verge of falling asleep. Those in attendance sat quietly at tables, presumably waiting for it to end. There were no drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, so it was a fairly thirsty event. The cake was, as many asian baked goods, not good. If for some reason you ever consider doing New Years in Bangladesh I would advise against it, strongly.

The following day I went to Dhaka’s botanical gardens. It was on par with most parks found in North America, by no stretch would I call it a botanical garden but they do…

I selected three photos from a few hundred, the ones without garbage covering the ground. If you look closely you will note that the third photo is quite greyed out and dull. This is due to the fact that the air in Dhaka is a semi-solid composed of dirt and air, I would not call it breathable per se, but again the locals do.

There are some nice paths that are relatively free of debris if one walks far enough from the standard path. And as it is essentially a large park full of plants there are a few pretty flowers among the debris, and a lake of sorts.

When I returned I filled my house with couchsurfers and had a belated New Years and Christmas party but more on that in the next post.





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