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Vagabond Tim
After a month wherein I basically gave up flavour for lent I was reminded repeatedly of the time I lost my sense of taste. That ended with a strawberry so I figured it would be fitting to grab a bunch of strawberries. I would show you the video I recorded of eating a strawberry and trying to narrate all of this but it is wildly inappropriate in a when Harry met Sally sort of way so it’s not getting posted.

So other than having vicious munchies for the final week it was not an entirely unpleasant experience, I mean yes, the paste is the least appealing option this side of starving to death, but it didn’t kill me which should count as some kind of a victory.

I should point out that even the creator of Soylent only drinks it for breakfast and lunch.
Completely giving up food for a month is an interesting type of hell that I would actually recommend, if only to develop an appreciation for food that previously seemed impossible. Even things that are unpleasant have a unique charm to them, they are terrible in a their own special way. Mushrooms and squid are both fine examples of things that are horrible in their own way.

Which leads me to a question, what horrific foods do people eat that I should try before I come to my senses and stop appreciating terrible as a flavour?

Fried fungus… somehow food?

They look like rejected props from the alien movies! But yeah, I’ve eaten these too…

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