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So I am halfway through my crazy experiment and although the candy dreams are about as bad as they were in Bangladesh I feel otherwise fine. It appears thus far the answer to can one live on paste alone is yes, I would venture that it the answer to should one is a resounding no!

I got a mini-fridge for my room so now I don’t even have to leave the room to get food paste. I am one step closer to replicating what is undoubtedly the futuristic prison experience. Other than the fact that my room has the ambiance of a French cafe it is not unlike a hamster cage.

Because so many of you kept messaging me with weirdly specific questions I decided to outline the incredibly simple process of mixing up a batch of paste along the far right over there…

Apparently a very similar product is fed to baby animals which although somewhat heartening for my survival does give me pause in that we are forcing animals to live on this. Which brings me to another point I heard recently, why do they even list what ‘flavour’ dog or cat food is, they could say anything. It sure as hell isn’t like I am going to try it… Although I have been meaning to resume my hobby of writing crank complaint letters to companies to see what they do in response so maybe that will happen…

It begins life as a jug half full of water

Powder from the bag is added and then it is shaken for what feels like forever

Finally a big jug of a milk like play doh flavoured substance

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