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Vagabond Tim

After watching a lot of iZombie and strangely empathising with the brain obsessed zombie characters I have been forced to admit that the cravings for food have become ever so slightly more than a constant dull irritation. I can only imagine how hate filled future convicts will be surviving on a similar diet of tasteless goo.

The entire experience is reminding me of this video game where you live like a hamster surviving on pellets you get for solving puzzles. It’s called infinifactory for those interested. I physically feel fine, aside from the desire to just chew something solid, so I am fairly willing to declare Soylent non lethal.

So on to 4/20
For those of you who don’t know it is a ‘holiday’ of sorts celebrated by smoking unhealthy quantities of marijuana and spouting nonsense while baked like a cake. The holiday dates back to a couple kids in the 70s who made it up. They called themselves The Waldos if you’re interested.

Locally this event takes place at 4:20 on April 20th in front of a bunch of government buildings. Since our government has better things to do than smack some idiot kids around this has been largely ignored by anyone who matters. An interesting side note though is that the Liberals have considered a few potential dates for full legalization, one of which could be April 20 2018 which if it happened would strangely legitimise the holiday.

Be a puzzle solving space hamster, you know you want too…

When I say Liberals I mean this guy, Justin

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