Next Stop Irelandvagabond

The house goes on the market next week sometime and I am already packed and ready to go as soon as some sucker buys it.

So I was talking to Rae and we decided that spending a day or two in New York before flying out would be a good plan, as it is that or a short layover is Minnesota. Looking into it I realized it is in theory possible to cram a tour of the NBC studios, a taping of The Daily Show, and a night at the Apollo into a single day. I just hope she doesn’t have any plans…

From there to Amsterdam for a 14 hour layover that I have yet to account for with any interesting events. From there to Cork, Ireland where we get a rental car of some sort or another and begin hunting leprechauns and kissing castles.

I still have to list some fun things to see in both Dublin and Belfast and would welcome suggestions.