Making My Hobo Cards

Vagabond Tim
I needed some cards made, not business cards exactly, more like weird hobo who is sick of trying to spell things to people cards.

It took a while to find someone with a wide enough selection of paper that wasn’t shiny and white. Not many people want their card to appear hand drawn on a scrap of paper bag, and not a new paper bag either…

Regardless of the complications Gausul was able to translate my absurd request into a rather nice set of cards, and did so at a fraction of the cost I was expecting.

The preview he gave me on normal stock white paper hardly did justice to the eventual end result. The combination of my absurdly splotchy hand drawn image and the heavily weathered paper is fantastic as seen on the featured image. If you didn’t see it just click the logo at the top of your screen and it will bring you to the homepage where it is displayed.


Gausul and I spent just a few minutes deciding on logos and layout. He is quite good at what he does

300pix Card .ai

If anyone is in need of business cards while in Dhaka, Bangladesh stop by and see him, his address is on the card


The fellow in the back was evidently not thrilled that I was taking pictures of antique equipment still in use


The entire building could become a museum of ancient printing in just a few minutes, it was absolutely awesome

One Comment

  1. Ujjwal
    February 5, 2015 at 13:23

    the hobo card was good one. the best one i ve seen, fulfilling its purpose of rightly describing its holder 🙂

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