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Vagabond Tim

I’ve spent the better part of the last two weeks being very boring and scanning photos for my uncle…

Specifically referring to the first photo it reminds me of the episode of twilight zone where that kid kept sending people to the cornfield. If anyone knows who that is let me know.

Among the photos are several that prove my parents may have had a point when they said that I was a rotten child.
In my defence I was clearly a leprechaun or something so a certain amount of hijinx is simply to be expected.

It seems as though my family has been keeping a multitude of barn cats and other mangy critters around for far longer than I thought. Some of the oldest black and white grainy photos have lazy fat furbeast just lying around being no good to anyone in the background.

I also discovered some other interesting things along the way, among them being that there seems to be something of a cluster of photos of fellows in drag. I am not sure if this was for some event or if the 90s were just weirder than I remember. Most of the best photos I am keeping as blackmail material so I can’t post them, some however I chose to share with you.

Other than that I’ve been up to nothing overly interesting so I haven’t posted much.
hopefully I will be attacked by a badger or something entertaining soon.

I’m with Pépère on this one, I have no idea who that kid is either…

I am 10 (Far right) My brothers are 6 and 8… clearly a leprechaun and clearly up to no good

Yeah… I have no idea

It clearly was an event of some kind

I’m guessing it had something to do with curling, many things with them do

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  1. John Schaub
    John SchaubReply
    December 11, 2016 at 04:35

    My money is on the girl in the first photo being a second cousin or some other distant relation. Looks very ‘Schaub-like’ but I don’t recognize her.

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