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A small and well hidden set of stairs lead upward from St. Denis to one of very few sensory deprivation places still around.

It was within walking distance from our hotel which was a bonus as the route took us past the lafleurs and enabled me to cross the steamie off my list.

With luck and perseverance we found the nearly invisible staircase and walked up into the lobby and filled out the waivers and so on before proceeding to the tanks.

They lead you into a small room with a large tub filled with the saltiest water possible. After a quick shower and attempting to memorize the layout of the room the lights and sounds go out.

Obviously the experience of going slightly mad is different for everyone, but floating in body temperature water in a body temperature room without sound or light induces what I would refer to as ‘tripping balls’.

Time becomes nearly impossible to track as your mind wanders around trying to find ways to keep itself entertained. I was for a while, a bat, this was interesting particularly as I found myself to be a rather introspective and observant bat, noting things like the bats fly towards the absence of obstacles instead of avoiding obstacles outright. Now I have no idea if actual bats operate this way, merely that I as a bat would do so.

One of the other nearby attractions to our hotel was this small lounge serving chocolate tobacco and mint coffee, or the other way around, regardless it was delicious. They have a wide variety of flavours to choose from and like most things in the area never seem to be closed.

Like most places with naked people, they prefer if you use the photos they provide

Like most places with naked people, they prefer if you use the photos they provide

Get your Cheshire cat on

Get your Cheshire cat on

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