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Vagabond Tim

So I have a few friends in Nepal who founded an NGO (Non-Government Operation) and are in the middle of a fundraising campaign to supply an entire village with school supplies for the duration of the upcoming school year.

Obviously the term school year has a somewhat different meaning when dealing with indigenous people with little to no contact with the outside world. Just watch this video before you keep reading…

Ok now that that is done I think you will understand how much the ability to read, work, and get the hell out of their traditional cave home will mean. To accomplish this goal takes a trivial amount of money at best (by western standards). This poses a slight problem though in that any organization big enough to call itself international is either unaware of or simply doesn’t care about the Chepang people.
Third Eye Nepal for better or worse is made up entirely of Nepali people who operate on a small enough scale to actually realise how desperately these people need help, this results in an amount like $500 being prohibitively large.

Their fundraiser is

I cannot overstress how little an inconvenience a couple bucks is to most of us and how much it would mean to them.

Future posts will be more funny and entertaining I promise. ^.^


Homes were flattened, entire villages fell from mountainsides… Yeah their already difficult lives became a lot more unpleasant


In many cases it is virtually impossible to see where one buildings rubble ends and another begins

1358754728_6!!-!!Chepang hill m -image-size - Copy

Being children, they are remarkably able to cope with a world full of weirdness and disaster

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