Of Christmas’s past

Vagabond Tim

So I’m sitting around in Vancouver awaiting xmas, the house is fully defended against any overweight elven intruders regardless of how merry they do or do not appear. I am reminded of the absolute worst Christmas ever spent in the worst possible place to celebrate. I speak of course of last year in the alcohol free Muslim country of Bangladesh.

There was a few sporadic fireworks and the occasional flickering light, but the ever present and low hanging smog would have made it impossible to enjoy them anyhow.

It was pretty crummy, in hindsight my post was mostly about New Years but the point remains, both events were spectacularily underwhelming.

A few years before that I spent Christmas with my roommates cat, that was fun.

Somewhere in the middle there I was in New Zealand for a Christmas and spent the day nursing goat bites, I can’t seem to find the particular post about it but the neighbor goat and I sort of got into a disagreement over a machete, if anyone is particularly interested in specifics let me know and I’ll explain the whole maddening thing. Failing that have a Happy Merry and Solemn Christmahannukwanzadan.


  1. Claire Wilkinson
    Claire WilkinsonReply
    December 24, 2015 at 20:21

    Angel certainly had a way of getting the point across, meeting the situation head on.

    • Vagabond Tim
      January 7, 2016 at 17:58

      I still think of her whenever I have goat vindaloo 😀

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