Of sharfs and men

Vagabond Tim

The Nepali accent causes the addition of H’s at random. I have gotten fairly used to it and automatically translate non-words by dropping the H and seeing if the result is in fact a word. However this did not help when Arpan confronted me with the fact that we are out of laundry shope. Which of course is soap.
While walking to the shop he mentions that we need Sharf. Now I had no luck using my standard Arpan to English translation methods. He became somewhat defensive at my insistence that ‘Sarf’ is not a thing.

Upon spelling this curious non word I realised that he was in fact referring to this product, popular state side and apparently in India as well. This resulted in it being a common occurrence in his childhood. Needless to say anyone meeting Arpan should inquire about Sharf whenever possible.

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