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Canada is a remarkable place, or rather series of places, as being larger than some continents it has a fairly wide variety of essentially unrelated places and subcultures. From the east coast with deep Irish and Scottish roots that come with completely impenetrable accents and nonsensical phrasings, to the west coast bathed in a narcotic haze and equally unintelligible ramblings. Where to visit largely depends on when one is visiting as the climate is not something to simply ignore, it can literally kill you within a few minutes in some places.

Stupid Facts

there are between 250 to 290 square meters of land per Canadian, largely due to the huge unpopulated northern stretches, well unpopulated except for toy making elves and a fat guy with a sled.

Despite the frequently cited ‘second largest country in the world’ Canada is actually the 4th in total landmass as they include a lot of inland waterways and lakes in most counts.

Important to note for travelers

Canada drives on right hand side of the road and uses the Dollar, not to be confused with the American Dollar despite being almost equal in value most of the time.

Although any official site lists Canada as being Bilingual, speaking French and English, in any province other than Quebec almost no one actually speaks conversational French.

Being so close to the United States nearly any venue accepts almost any credit card or will have nearby cash machines that will.

As stated earlier when one visits Canada should greatly affect the choice of destinations as temperatures in the prairie provinces can reach winter lows of -40C where summer highs of around 30C are not uncommon.

British Columbia is far more temperate year round than the rest of the country and as a result, during the winter months, is one of the best skiing destinations in the world.

Things that should not be missed

The must try foods in Canada vary from place to place.

Poutine is probably one of Canada’s best known local concoctions and although best sampled in Quebec it is available nearly anywhere.

Maple flavoured things are found in nearly every destination, although pure maple is mostly found in Toronto and the more eastern provinces.

Chocolate bars are not ordinarily considered unique to certain countries but Coffee Crisp seems to be available only in Canada despite being manufactured by a Swiss company.

Another somewhat repellant flavour found only in Canada is ‘All Dressed chips‘ which essentially tastes like a mixture of Dill Pickles and BBQ sauce, while not pleasant it is one of the many things one should endure while visiting Canada.

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Personal Experiences

Having spent the longest part, certainly not the better part, of my life being constantly cold and complaining about snow I have far more sarcastic and mean spirited things to say about Canada than I should.  Admittedly the years spent in British Columbia were full of great skiing and a lot of hiking, the years in the prairies included camping for the few weeks a year not lethal to humans. First and foremost if I had to describe Canada in three words I would choose Cold, Isolated, and Wilderness.