Flag of Japan

Japan is easily the epicenter of weirdness worldwide, from the panty vending machines of Tokyo to the coffin hotels found all over the land. A sea of facemask wearing children in suits nicer than any I have even known pass by grown adults dressed as rabbits or little girls without batting an eye. Absolutely nothing is universal there except for the fact that literally everything is a little odd.

Stupid Facts

Raw horse meat is available for those brave or stupid enough to try it, from personal experience I can tell you it is actually worth trying.

They are nuts about coffee, although I cannot remember the word for it in Japanese, something around 80-90% of Jamaica’s coffee export ends up in Japan.

Japan has a wide variety of toilets ranging from holes in the ground to full on ass washing and drying robot ones that play happy songs.

Important to note for travelers

Japan despite being a technological superpower is a largely cash based society with a currency valued at nearly par to the rupee meaning you must carry a few thousand with you in cash in order to get a couple of cups of coffee.

The rail system is accurate to the minute, if you are ten seconds late you have likely missed your train.

Most everyone who does in fact speak English will try to engage you in conversation as sort of a free language class.

They seem supernaturally afraid of rain, so when a few drops fall expect to see several hundred, if not thousand, umbrellas pop up despite their being completely unnecessary.

Things that should not be missed

In a word Onsen, they are large communal nude hot tubs the size of swimming pools, generally fed by geothermal heat and consequently full of weird minerals and smells.

Not that one could miss the Otaku, a general term for obsessive anime fans. Generally speaking this is some white guy from the west with absolutely no idea that Japan is a real place with an actual culture who wanders around throwing out absurd terms found only in exported anime, also usually in attire not found anywhere in Japan.

I am tempted to include sushi as it is an obvious thing, but the reality is Japan has a few hundred different foods not to be missed, essentially when dining order the weirdest thing possible and just eat it.

Favorite Posts


Osaka To Takeno

Kinosaki Onsen

Personal Experiences

I stayed away from Tokyo and instead spent my time in the rural mountain areas where no one spoke English. I became fairly good at miming things I needed, oddly gloves seemed the hardest to explain… I think they though I wanted to buy new hands or something. I still miss the tiny little city of Kinosaki and its plethora onsens quite a bit and consider going back almost every time I book a ticket to somewhere new.