To catch a pimp

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Vagabond Tim

LEDs and modern vehicles filled the streets of New York in the 50’s. Americas economy was booming and there was money to be made almost anywhere. None of it seemed to find it’s way into this films budget however.
Oh also, New Yorkers of that time had pretty thick Welsh accents for some reason…

The stirring soundtrack is lyrical genius rarely seen in cinema, I defy anyone to make it through the final credits without shedding a tear.

The protagonist, who I presume to be a detective based purely on his wardrobe, becomes involved in a stirring game of cat and also cat with what appears to be a fairly inebriated teenager in a burger king hat.

This masterpiece contains combat fedoras, impeccable adherence to traffic safety laws, and the most accurate shoe tying scene in cinematic history. It is an absolute must see.

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