Piracy in Pokhara

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Vagabond Tim
I have a tendency to steal boats.

However the fellow with boats only wanted like 9$ for the day, so I figured it was easier to just give him money then it was to zipline down to the craft and flee.

Since China Southern Airlines stole my camera I used my GoPro to record the footage of my near death experience (Read: a bus ride in Nepal) but I forgot the cable I need to get the pictures and videos from it, so I will just post a there and back thing assuming I somehow survive the return trip. It is not likely.


Pokhara is Nepal’s second largest city and for many the only actual place in Nepal to visit.
There are a few reasons for this, three of the ten tallest mountains in the world are visible from my hotel balcony, there is a massive lake that is exceptionally clean by Nepali standards…

I only saw a couple dozen water bottles floating in it and one giant black puddle that looked like a lot like the Exxon Valdez pictures, actually more Juan Valdez as it was coffee coloured…

There were monks chanting while floating about on small boats, a temple on a tiny island, a pagoda dedicated to world peace was high up on a mountain, the sun set behind it, it was gorgeous but not very photogenic.

I learned that Arpan cannot swim so decided to rock the boat a bunch until he threatened to brain me with a paddle. I also learned that apparently boat physics is not simply automatically understood. We spent at least a half hour going in circles and long snaking lines before he figured out the whole backwards steering thing.

The night life exists, although since sunset is about 6pm, night time is from 6-12ish at most, then the power goes out and it gets really dark and quiet.


As you can see the boats were essentially unguarded


The temple seemed like a good place to sack, but it was covered in tourists and that kind of bad press I do not need


I discovered what appeared to be a nice island to call home, sadly it had a hotel on it and was also covered in tourists


The result was that the 1st mate had to row around for hours and we accomplished nothing

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