Happy Birthday Rama

Vagabond Tim
So Tuesday was Rama’s birthday. We decided to throw him a party, well all of Nepal did, but by we I mean specifically my screwball friends and I.

One of them has a friend of a friend with a cousin whose brother owns a restaurant. Now this may sound like a far removed connection, but realize that cousin and brother are used interchangeably with friend depending on how well you know someone… so it is potentially much further removed than you might think.

This little restaurant called cheflink is within walking distance of the stupa near my hotel, it actually takes longer to drive there than it does to walk, primarily due to a combination of Nepali roads and the rather circuitous routes vehicles are forced to take.

A place like this would never work in Canada, for starters the lack of walls would make it uninhabitable most of the year, and the garden growing fresh veggies behind the restaurant is full of adventurous birds and the occasional dog. The garden, visible through the lack of rear wall, is a nice touch. The realization that a bird is eying your food is somewhat less encouraging. If one bird is visibly looking at your plate, you can be certain another half dozen are doing so covertly. A word to the wise, never try to chase off birds, it’s a ruse. The rest of the bandito flock will attack your now undefended food.

The evening started off with a hookah and a couple beers, we realized we were all out of cigarettes, no one had thought to buy a pack before heading out. So they brought them to our table, now I enjoy being able to smoke in… what passes for indoors in Nepal, but I never imagined that a restaurant would actually bring me smokes…

We kept ordering sides until everyone decided we were rapidly approaching food overdose, still our guest of honour failed to show up. Luckily for me there is a gods birthday almost once a week in Nepal so we can continue trying our luck at a combination seance/birthday party.


The owner is on the far right, he kept disappearing seemingly at random throughout the evening, eventually I realized he is also the chef his disappearances were easily explained as they occurred whenever we ordered more food


On the left is Arpan, clearly engrossed in the music playing on my phone, or perhaps passing out, I don’t recall clearly. The fellow on the right neglected to write his name down for me so I am hesitant to guess at the spelling… its probably 10 or so letters long.

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