Recovering Insane Childhood Memories

Vagabond Tim
In the early 80’s  to the mid 90’s the field of hypnotizing people and convincing them of absurd and often impossible things became mainstream based on a number of highly public and ultimately fraudulent claims backed up by the ‘credibility’ of sources such as Oprah Winfrey. The resulting lengthy court cases were more often than not eventually dismissed. Sadly the prominence of satanism in these false memories led to what amounted to a series of witch hunts. A few unfortunate and clearly innocent victims of this panic spent many years in prison, for example the West Memphis Three.

This does not however diminish the fact that most of us really do have a few nonsensical or absurd memories that, although based in reality, are so heavily filtered by childish perception and flawed reasoning as to be about as credible as dreams. I suspect many of these early memories are in fact a mixture of dreams and actual events.

One of my earliest memories involves a puppet ballet ending in murder. For years I thought this was some mix of various shows I watched as a child, or entirely fictional. Just the other day while watching some music video with ballet dancers I found myself picturing strings as though they were puppets.

After a few moments of confusion I remembered two important facts, first was that my grandfather was with me when I saw this insane puppet show, and secondly, the name Petrushka which sounded vaguely Russian. Those facts together provided a lot of context as to how in the hell I saw a play from 1911 as a small child. My family, despite not being Russian themselves, lives in a very isolated area alongside The Old Believers. I am assuming at some point I must have seen it while visiting the neighbors.

While I am tempted to attempt to recall more information about seeing this as a child, hypnosis seems likely to result in my waking up with a memory of being pursued by satanic puppets. Having already seen the entire Puppetmaster series I am not inclined to take that risk.

It turns out that this play/puppet show/ballet actually exists

It turns out that this play/puppet show/ballet actually exists

Grandpa AKA Pépère was a mean clearly at ease with the early 1900's

Grandpa AKA Pépère was a man clearly at ease with the early 1900’s

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