Recquiescat In Pace – Vile Rat

Vagabond Tim

I delayed in writing this for a few days to allow the rage to subside and avoid painting a whole nation with the same brush.

A few years ago, nearly a decade it seems, I joined EVE as part of the first of many recruitment drives, one of the mighty and wealthy goons, Vile Rat, took a few moments from his busy schedule of calling me a fag and a spy (it’s how we roll, deal with it) to help me set up my first Kestrel for tackling.

We were Goonswarm, millions of little bees swarming around and holding much mightier ships in place while waiting for the cavalry to arrive. For every one of us that died a dozen more swarmed in. We even killed a Titan.

This mass of people from various nations aged 16-70 was held together by a few vary influential and skilled diplomats who seemed preternaturally able to predict and diffuse tensions, among them was Vile Rat aka Sean Smith.

At one point he ‘switched sides’ and used these same skills to break up one of the oldest and most powerful alliances in EVE just prior to a mass invasion, saving the lives of countless Little Bees.

Over the years my finances and skills increased until I finally bought and outfitted one of the mightiest invisible ass kickers in the known Eve-Verse, the Anathema.

I loved this ship and the firepower it brought to the table, but it was never as much fun flying alone as it was being a little bee in a mighty swarm.

Its been a long time since I was ordered to stand around and watch an empty sector, even longer since I was accused of being a spy and told to just shut up, but there is nothing I would rather fly and nowhere I would rather be than in a Kestrel waiting on his order to swarm.

His absence will be felt by an unknowable number of people the world over, and fittingly the internet is abuzz with tributes from far more talented folks than I.

You will have a lot of stories to tell in Valhalla you glorious bastard

RIP Sean ‘Vile Rat’ Smith

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