Third world problems: Root Canal: Part 2

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Vagabond Tim

I woke up the following morning to discover a massive hole in my tooth where the temporary cap should have been, now this hole in my tooth led directly up the nerves into my jaw and presumably to my brain, so I was a touch nervous about it.

I took a cab to the dentist who informed me that it was made of cotton and he was not surprised it fell out…
Well this is the kind of information I would have liked to have been provided with.
He started in on cleaning my teeth and asked if I wanted freezing, I said ‘no what kind of pussy needs freezing for a cleaning’ without really asking me again or giving me the opportunity to object he finished cleaning and began drilling into two other unrelated teeth that apparently required fillings, now for this I might have like some form of numbing agent, even a few belts of whiskey to take the edge off.
As luck would have it his former Stasi assistant was on hand to keep me from moving as the drill ran across a couple of live nerves and the world swam in a multitude of colours.

When all this was done he informs me that my jaw is too swollen to do the fill on the root canal and I will have to come back a third time, in about five days.
Well of course my jaw was swollen, you bastards went at my face like some sort of medieval barber whose wife I was fucking.

I managed to convince him to put more cotton in the hole in my tooth leading to my brain and temporarily seal it, with what he called cement, I am really hoping that by cement he meant something different than actual cement or the next appointment is going to somehow be even more painful than the first two.
I have already woken up with nightmares having briefly considered how that is possible, but at this point I really haven’t got any options other than going back.
As I previously mentioned, there is now a tunnel leading directly from my mouth to my brain and I, stupidly enough, will choose relatively brief agony over death from some third world brain infection.


This is the other entrance to the hospital, the barbed wire should have been a warning sign


The door to his office, also known as the gateway to hell


  1. Overdrift
    February 26, 2014 at 23:43

    My face now hurts in solidarity.

  2. Claire Wilkinson
    Claire WilkinsonReply
    March 11, 2014 at 21:49

    So when do we get to hear part three?

    • Vagabond Tim
      March 13, 2014 at 05:28

      I am actually not sure, the filling was simple and not very interesting, but I do get to go for a crown shortly so hopefully it will be insanely painful and worth complaining about

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