Rural Soviet Canuckistan

Vagabond Tim
My readers will note that I was able to post from third world countries during natural disasters, by contrast I was unable to post anything for the entire month of June while in northern Alberta due to the intense shittyness of the internet.

Among the things I learned in my time there is that apparently the dump is a good place to dispose of a dead dog. The fellow that told me this then went on to assure me that he had no particular fondness for killing dogs but that it came up from time to time… Yeah I don’t know what to say about that.

The nearest city is almost three hours away, the yard is lousy with moose, there is neither internet nor cell service… I am not entirely sure how or why people live up there. Not many actually do though, so at least that’s something.

Now that I have my apartment set up and am back within the confines of what could be termed civilization I will theoretically be able to post interesting things again. Stay tuned and whatnot.


Unfortunately for legal reasons I cannot post a picture of the dog murdering fellow who views landfills as impromptu pet cemeteries.

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