So many lizards

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Vagabond Tim

A little over a week after I arrived at my new house in Alberta and was starting to miss Asia I found out that there was a friggan lizard expo in town the following day. Needless to say I was all over that.

There were bearded dragons to pet, thirsty snakes to watch drinking from little bowls, and hundreds of poor tiny lizards in little plastic cup enclosures.
I was hoping to get to take some better pictures of a yellow spotted salamander (other than Salmmy, he doesn’t cooperate) but unfortunately no one had any of his lizardy kinfolk kicking around…

One of the first things I saw was a mouse in a suit. It was a little weird, I mean lizard expo and all. Then he started in on his pitch about how strong and lively his mice were, and cost effective. It was quite a sales pitch until I realized that this Dickensian villain of a mouse was selling his own kind as live prey to lizards… I did not stick around for the demonstration part of his show.

As if that were not horror enough, around the next corner was a massive sea of tables covered in captive lizardfolk. Held in tiny plastic dishes beneath some sort of presumably lizard proof mesh they waited helplessly as humans tapped on their dishes and looked at them.

Finally after touring the lizard slave market for some time I emerged into the pet a dragon area. As usual they went with the non lethal bearded dragon option instead of the much more terrifying and entertaining Komodo dragon option. So while there were no fatalities there are also no amusing photographs of lizard attacks.


This collaborating species traitor is the spokesmouse for a company that sells feeder mice. Yeah, for eating


And as I promised, thirsty snakes!


Security was remarkably lax for some animals, mostly the plastic ones like that frog


Clearly plotting his shawshanky path to freedom


While this little fellow seemed to have accepted his fate many others were actively plotting escape.

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