Hello Kitty Airlines

In what kind of leftist hippy family structure does it seem like a good plan to have a friggan cat in charge of taking care of your turtle!?

Escaping Japan

When I returned to Calgary the snow was ankle deep and being blown along by frigid arctic winds. I immediately regretted my decision to come home.

Kyoto to Osaka

Having absolutely exhausted myself climbing up and down a godforsaken mountain Perrin and I headed to see his girlfriend Mizue and have dinner before I went to my hostel and died. We had an hour or so to kill and neither of us felt like walking so we stopped for a coffee, tea for Perrin…


It was raining when I left Toyooka on a train to Kyoto, it rained the entire trip, a few hours at a mind boggling 250kph and it was raining when I arrived, supporting my theory that I in fact attract rain. I had two hours to kill until Perrin got off work so I decided…

Calgary to Osaka

When the plane left the ground it became apparent that the clouds above us were in fact not merely clouds but some kind of ether with the consistency of bad soup, the windows streamed with a sudden accumulation of precipitation and the engines whined loudly as our small craft slowly rose through the brick like mass of fog alight with iridescent blues and purples.