Sunrise in Stonehenge

It took some doing, and some waking up at four in the morning, but I got to watch the sun rise from the center of Stonehenge. It was overcast and raining so it was not so much a sunrise as gradual lightening of the sky, and there was the ever present threat of crow attack.

Stonehenge is the oldest ‘building’ in human history, predating the great pyramids by about four hundred years (3000 BC) and the source of numerous ridiculous theories and beliefs around the world.

English (birds of) preying on tourists

The SpacePort, which is not as amazing as it sounds, had a Doctor Who exhibit featuring cardboard cutouts and what I assume are replicas made from the hazy memories of fans from the early 70's. Included in the exhibit was information on the 'planet' Pluto and a station for tracing images from the series, however...