How I Survived Voluntary Kidnapping

Ordinarily my posts are fairly short as I generally spend a few hours following monkeys, attending some event, or throwing paint at children before I become dangerously low on caffeine. There is nothing more depraved and unpredictable than a Tim in the midst of caffeine withdrawal.

10 Rules for traveling with Tim

There are many small rules we all impose on ourselves and others in ordinary life, these become magnified to an incredible degree when trapped together for a prolonged period of time. Anyone who has ever struggled to find a place to hide the body of a former loved one during a road trip because they wouldn’t stop singing show tunes can attest to a few things, firstly that dead weight is really heavy, and second that the most normal people can become intolerable without a few ground rules in place.

Montreal: deuxième partie

Montreal`s Olde Towne or whatever the hell that is in french, probably something with an umlaut or a few éè's in it, is a fascinating mix of difficult to navigate alleys and walls composed entirely of tourists rendered immobile by the lack of clearly defined sidewalks. Despite the maddening pace akin to pouring bricks through...

Montreal: Première Partie

A few years ago I decided to finally get off my ass and go to BurningMan. I bought tickets and got the time off work, everything was looking good. It was only after all the preparations had begun that my loved ones informed me that they didn't actually think I would get tickets and so...

High Pizza Technology

Dear Pizza 73, Let me start by saying there is no better pizza the next day than Pizza 73, the added benefit of being able to order online while deeply entrenched in an inebriated stupor cannot be overstated. However I have noticed a seeming lack of R&D in the pursuit of pizza science, to wit…