Jurassic Forestry

Tāne Mahuta is the Lord of the Forest. He is an Agathis australis to Latin geeks and botanists. Son of Ranginui The sky father and Papatuanuku the earth mother, like all children his primary function is to keep them apart and prevent their marital embrace. Tane figures prominently in the Maori creation myth and is…

Sunrise in Stonehenge

It took some doing, and some waking up at four in the morning, but I got to watch the sun rise from the center of Stonehenge. It was overcast and raining so it was not so much a sunrise as gradual lightening of the sky, and there was the ever present threat of crow attack.

Stonehenge is the oldest ‘building’ in human history, predating the great pyramids by about four hundred years (3000 BC) and the source of numerous ridiculous theories and beliefs around the world.


The Kappa inhabit the local rivers in what I assume is a conspiracy with the adult populous to keep those damn kids out of the water. Legend has it that they are compelled to bow in return if bowed to, this combined with the depression in their head that  holds water and the fact that…


I had intended to visit Gembudo on several occasions but the weather refused to cooperate until my last day in the area. When I woke up and saw the sun shining I knew I had to go immediately before the skies opened up again with torrential rain. Inflict this on your friends

Kinosaki Onsen

My first impression of Kinosaki Onsen was that it was full of identically dressed people wandering about with wooden platform shoes, shoes that are more akin to musical instruments than footwear as evidenced by the horrific racket and near immobility of those wearing them. This immobility is fairly frustrating to one attempting to actually move…

Wandering in Takeno

I went a touch nuts taking photos of this gorgeous little village, the next post will contain some narrative but until then look at my vacation photos and like it. Inflict this on your friends