Vancouver Pride Parade

There were many, many, many baffling things. One of which, Was what I presume was an alien blowing bubbles. I didn’t get a good photograph though, I suspect some sort of futuristic anti-evidence gathering technology was clearly at work.
There was also a surprising number of Batmen and women… Not a clue as to WHY exactly, but they were there.

How I Survived Voluntary Kidnapping

Ordinarily my posts are fairly short as I generally spend a few hours following monkeys, attending some event, or throwing paint at children before I become dangerously low on caffeine. There is nothing more depraved and unpredictable than a Tim in the midst of caffeine withdrawal.

Piracy in Paihia

The R. Tucker Thompson is a gaff rigged schooner, essentially a two masted olde time pirate ship. She sails around the bay of islands during the summer months, which being New Zealand means October through April. In the mid 70’s this fellow named Robert Tucker Thompson started building a boat with his son Tod, unfortunately…

So I spent the day visiting Hobbits

The set from Lord Of The Rings was somewhat temporary and had been scheduled for demolition prior to the announcement of the Hobbit movies. Luckily the locals endless requests to visit the set had delayed the destruction to such a degree that they simply made the structures and set permanent, filmed a few more movies,…

Highland Games Auckland

I had intended to attend the Highland games in Auckland but due to unforeseen circumstances I will not be going. I was however able to weasel a ride from Christine Rhodes to spend some time with one of the featured pipe bands as they practiced in the week previous to the event. The Whangarei & County…