Temple, Monkeys, and… WTF is that thing!?

Vagabond Tim

So despite a rather lacklustre response from many of the people I know, Third Eye Nepal has managed to hit its target. There are still two days left to throw a couple dollars into the fund so they can buy more essential and unaffordable school supplies for kids who otherwise will live and die illiterate with no chance for improving their situation, but really who has an extra few dollars lying around >.<

Enough complaining here is the kind of weird shit you’ve come to expect from Bindlestiff
I’ve had a crazy amount of couchsurfers recently, many of which wanted to go to the monkey temple. It is monsoon season so mostly it is wet monkeys and very slick poorly designed sets of a few hundred stairs. While they all went wandering around the upper and non Tim friendly areas of the temple I sat near the monkey pool and watched them hurl themselves and each other from trees into the water three or more meters below (Which is a lot when you are less than a half meter tall). Unfortunately they had my camera so the only picture of this I have is when one of the older monkeys yelled at me. Maybe it was yelling at them actually, they were all sitting next to me under a tree while they dried themselves in the sun.

Despite the endless rain there were still a bunch of stalls open in the main entrance area selling all kinds of weird local things including a singing bowl that I paid far too much for, the salesguy was cool and it was miserable out so I figured why not, what’s an extra ten dollars when this guys day is clearly not going as well as it could. The bowl is heavy as hell and handmade of brass and makes a fairly creepy humming sound when it ‘sings’ (You should get one).

Soaking wet, and pursued by monkey kids who suspected I had food, we hopped into a taxi and fled homeward to let the next pile of guests into my house. There, as usual, was food, music, and beer long into the evening. This particular ‘evening’ lasted the better part of a week so I didn’t really get around to posting this in a timely fashion.

Other random events I SHOULD post about at some time include visiting “the resort” with my brother and a couchsurfer who befriended a rabbit (Who was that evenings dinner), drinking the local poisonous alcohol Raksi, and the road widening project that is currently destroying the yard in front of my house (A meter of it anyway)… I’ll probably get around to posting some of that later, or I’ll skip it and talk about the trip to Pokhara we are taking next week…

I am, as always, open to requests for entertaining was to hurt myself for your amusement. Comment away. ^.^


So I got told off by a monkey for laughing at the monkey children playing in the pool


I probably should recognise the stone man surrounded by prayer flags. Don’t quote me here but I am guessing it is Buddha


Seriously WTF is that thing!? Some crazy 80’s hair metal bird I guess. If someone knows its name let me know


  1. Carrie
    June 29, 2016 at 17:04

    That bird is gorgeous! What is it? 😀

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