That awkward moment when you agree with North Korean Propaganda

Vagabond Tim
I tend to watch some rather odd youtube videos and often find the propaganda to be hilarious and poorly made, for example this which uses the song we are the world without an apparent shred of irony. The only other example of this song being used with this level of irony was intentional and hilarious, but I suppose North Koreans are unlikely to remember the whole Napster affair. In general the propaganda I am most often exposed to is American and Political in nature, and while often less than honest they have never gone so far as to claim victory in a war that never happened.

As a broken clock is correct twice a day, it was bound to occur eventually that the NK propaganda department stumbled onto something that both serves to reinforce their dislike of America and conveniently enough happens to be true.

I completely understand how so many nations worldwide have a low opinion of the U.S. as without visiting or talking to Americans the only exposure to them or their culture is through exported television and movies which does not put them in a very flattering light. The fact that America has shows like Honey Booboo on the learning channel speaks for itself, and should be viewed as a sign of the end times.


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