The Number One Reason to visit Jasper, AB

Vagabond Tim
A town with a population of about 4000 people has produced three NHL hockey players.
The obvious conclusion is that there is literally nothing to do in Jasper but climb mountains and play hockey.

My Mom and ‘Aunty’ who is literally damn near a centurion (or whatever one calls people who remember a time before fire was invented) decided we should drive six hours each way to get some fudge. Well there were also mountains and stuff, but it was mostly about the fudge.

About three hours into the trip we had to stop for coffee. Aunty, being 96, decided that hopping up onto the curb was for some reason a wise choice. The immediate result of spilling out on the concrete was a pretty severe gash to her leg. The somewhat less immediate result was wasting the next three hours sitting in the emergency room for what amounted to five minutes of treatment, essentially cleaning the wound with water and applying a bandage.

Like most of Canada, Jasper was founded by fur traders, or beaver hunters, or really whatever euphemistic sounding term you prefer. I am sure it’s history is fascinating to someone other than me. Mostly I just wandered about with a camera taking pictures of flowers and birds, both of which were found in abundance.

Now, being as how Aunty does not have the best memory, she continued to inquire every few hours how she had hurt her leg. This was fairly annoying and I got the impression that at least some of the time she was just screwing with me for kicks.

Since Aunty is fairly slow moving when she hasn’t been recently injured in what I can only describe as geriatric parkour, she was particularly immobile during our trip to Jasper..

So we drove around.

A lot.

On the roadside throughout the day there were quite a few deer, moose, goats, and one tiny bear. Really Jasper is populated almost exclusively by critters and trees. Despite the temptation to just sit in the woods looking at things I was somehow coerced into procuring fudge. I suspect that I was so easily coerced because fudge is awesome.

There was no parking to be had on the street, so I jumped out of the truck and ran in to the store while my Mom and Aunty circled the block. Almost as soon as I was out of sight Aunty began questioning where I had gone and if they were abandoning me. I suspect the last question was delivered with thinly veiled glee and debated thoroughly while they slowly circled the block.

Through some twist of fate, or due to the fact that Jasper has only one main road, I spotted them on the street. This left them no choice but to run me down on pick me up. As luck would have it the street was fairly busy and there were multiple witnesses so they chose to let me live.

From what I understand there are quite a few things to do in Jasper that are not specifically related to critters and mountains. I am not certain I understand why one would drive out into the wilderness unless the goal was to actually be in the wilderness though.

To each their own I suppose…


So we went on a road trip to the mountains with my 96 year old great aunt, the major upside was that there was less hiking than I had expected


A good rule of thumb. If it doesn’t go high enough that trees stop growing on it, it isn’t a mountain… looking at you Japan >.<


It had been raining for weeks in Eastern Alberta, the lakes were overflowing


While this waterfall may be gorgeous, it is in my estimation a mass fish murderer. My purely baseless assertion is that 4million fish per week lost their lives in the fall…


No special effects added, it really is supernaturally pretty when it isn’t blanketed in snow covered corpses and eternal darkness (AKA Canadian Winter)

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