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The Kölner Dom is officially dedicated to St. Peter, which is lucky given that three of the other apostles specifically mention that changing money and running a gift shop in a church is absolutely sacrilegious.

I consider myself somewhat of a godless heathen, and those who know me well can attest to my love of comedic blasphemy, However I was fairly appalled at the galling lack of respect for the institution that this cathedral is supposedly dedicated to.

Setting aside the above, the cathedral is absolutely incredible. Construction started in 1248, and until 1884 it was the tallest building in the world. Standing inside and looking up is an intensely vertigo inducing experience. The sheer amount of stained glass, featuring more saints than I could hope to name, is astounding. The effect of sunlight streaking through the multitude of many coloured windows is breathtaking as small rainbow tendrils flick and weave over a sea of pews facing a large dais.

Beside the primary church itself is a small prayer room with a rather distinct smell of censers and the absence of tourists wearing far to much perfume. While not nearly as technically impressive as the cathedral I found this room to be a refreshing change. I was also reminded the religious censership can occasionally be a good thing, or at least a good pun.

Marred by a modern and ugly box begging for change this small alcove perfectly represents the cathedral as a whole

Far more in keeping with what I expect from a church, this prayer room was in a word Serene

Far more in keeping with what I expect from a church, this prayer room was in a word Serene

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