The gathering formerly known as Schaubpalooza

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Vagabond Tim
So for quite some time our entire clan of miscreants has gathered annually, I’d like to say there is some nefarious purpose to it but mostly it is just an excuse to drink and pawn your offspring off on your less devious relations for a few hours.

This tradition is coming to a close as my grandmother is now 90 years old and has presumably become sick of the yearly onslaught of new descendants. There are easily over 30 of us now…
It’s like an ad for spaying and neutering your pets. In only four generations…

Anyhow I digress, it was nice seeing all the various rugrats who will one day barely recall their exceedingly colourfully dressed uncle and his demented books about talking critters.

I try to post things of interest to more than just my family so I will cut this post short and think of something reckless and dangerous to do for your entertainment in the next few days.


This photo was taken to serve as proof of exactly how god damned flat, boring, and miserable Alberta is for all those who thought I was making the hellhole up


See, even from the sky it is boring and crappy.


This along with a few other photos make me suspect that my grandfather was a crazy old man from a very young age. Also maybe a bootlegger.


For some reason this girl married that grifty looking conman with a fiddle pictured above. I owe my existence to her odd taste in men I suppose 🙂

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