Thrillingly lazy days in Hoi An

Vagabond Tim
Hoi An is located about 20 minutes, or 10$ away from DaNang depending on how you look at it. For those less versed in geography that is around the middle of Vietnam.

A while back (1999 specifically) it was declared to be a world heritage site by UNESCO which is not to be confused with the fellows who make crackers, that is Nabisco.

The entertaining part of that declaration is that the ‘ancient city’ continues to grow, the heat and humidity render almost any new structure ‘ancienty’ in a short period of time so unlike most other heritage sites it will be around a long long time and is actually benefiting from the massive influx of tourists caused by UNESCO mentioning its existence.

The primary draw for me was coffee, as it usually is, and boats. The entire place seems to exist solely for the purpose of drinking coffee and tooling about the river pointlessly. I really enjoyed it.

The presence of road cows and road chickens made me slightly homesick for Kathmandu though, I consoled myself by buying a couple of hammocks from a wandering hammock merchant…
Yeah they have those for some reason…

Almost every accommodation is either a “Home-stay” which is really just a term they use as opposed to actual home-stays, or if you want to waste a bunch of money and avoid Vietnamese people and culture I guess there are also resorts.
In fact if you travel to a resort in any country you might as well just stay home and crank up the thermostat, it would be cheaper and as culturally enlightening.

The streets aren’t specifically hostile to cars, but they are mostly populated by bikes and pedestrians so don’t bother driving if you have any other option (Like for example working legs). Since it is a few thousand degrees Celsius, in the shade, at night, in midwinter, you might want to make your exploration during the early or late hours of the day.

To summarize, it is hot as hell, the roads are not exactly two cars wide and are full of people wandering around selling the most absurd stuff (Hammock guy for example) and the food is a wonderful mixture of international items sold both in proper restaurants and on the roadside, so why aren’t you here already?


The sun seems to take a long time to set in Hoi An, not sure why, maybe it is also rendered lazy by the absurd temperatures around here


The boats have eyes, apparently so they can see rocks and other obstacles… I question the merit of this idea


Despite the last 50 years of nautical innovation these awesome little boats still glide up and down the river leaving small flaming paper boats in their wake for reasons I do not know


When the sun finally got around to setting I was on the water floating around as it is much cooler than it is on land

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  1. cndngalchyrelanne
    April 19, 2015 at 12:34

    Tim, the boats have “eyes” to scare away the water spirits =)

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