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Vagabond Tim
So I have been far too bitter with winter and my dumb government to post stuff for a while but having found myself at the intersection of scientific curiosity and crippling poverty I decided to attempt to survive for a month on Soylent and chronicle the entire hopefully non life threatening process.

I’ll be starting this insane quest April 1st as it seems appropriate given that my insides are undoubtedly unprepared for this ‘prank.’

In order to truly prepare you for what these videos should be like allow me to paraphrase some reviews of Soylent from other websites that have reviewed it in the past…
“It’s like existential dread in liquid form.”
“Oh god why, it’s like drinking paint!”
“Tastes like less sweet pancake batter…”
“This is surviving, not living.”

So yeah it should be an interesting few weeks.

On an unrelated note some friends of mine released another song, it is quite good. It sounds a lot happier than its lyrics are, which I highly approve of. Give it a listen and let me know if you think it’s good enough for me to forgive the flooding of my living room…

This is some of their older work, before they sold out, got famous, and started trashing living rooms while shouting “Rock and Roll!”
I absolutely love the video stylistically but the damn song gets stuck in my head.

Too cold for man or beast, both of whom in this case are soft and unprepared for the outdoors

The fingers of death reaching into your soul, destroying the memory of what if ever felt like to be warm

On the other side of those mountains it is springtime… Canada is weird.

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