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Me posting something useful instead of confusing ramblings about animals I brawled with. But here it is because you asked for it, literally people kept emailing me. Most of this stuff is already listed in the Travel section but I decided to put it all here as a reminder/way to keep people from emailing me >.<

If you are going somewhere already you have a plan and can just skip down to the next section.

WHAT TO DO: This is a tough one, if you are just on a permanent vacation then I suggest Atlas Obscura. They find really unusual out of the way things to see.

Now, if like most of us you at least need to pretend to be working there are a lot of places to look. From WorkAway to Wwoof to Culturegogo it’s kind of hard not to find something. Worst case scenario you can go legit and teach English overseas, or be a grifter like Earl and teach people under the table.

Wherever you decide to go, you probably want to fly there…

LOOKING FOR YOUR INITIAL FLIGHT:  If you want to compare a crazy number of airlines there are a few good choices.
Kayak or skyscanner for example, the thing with these is that there are several tricks to using them effectively. First and foremost be in private mode. These kind of sites remember what you searched and subtly raise the prices as you become more desperate. Private mode doesn’t store cookies… blah blah geek rambling, the point is it won’t remember your stuff that way.

So presumably, you found a flight to somewhere near where you want to be. Major cities tend to suck though, so you should take one of those super cheap local flights to some weird nearby location.

Now, many North Americans are totally unprepared for what budget airline truly means. In short you will get NOTHING you did not specifically pay for. Expect nothing and don’t be a dick about being told that you have to buy a blanket or something while on-board.


BUDGET PLANES: In Europe the big cheap airlines are Easyjet and Ryanair. There are others but they suck even more than those two. It will get you wherever, and cheaply, but in my opinion a train is a better idea.

TRAINS: For that I recommend Mark aka The man in seat 61. He’s got way too much information to repeat, and instead of totally ignoring you he will actually respond to things you send him.


Basically same as above with some different companies…

BUDGET PLANES: If for some reason you are looking into cheap airfare in Asia I recommend SpiceJet or AirAsia both of which really stretch the definition of budget into the territory of punishment, but it could be worse. For example China South. These useless pricks went into my backpack, stole a camera, and sealed it back up. They admitted it after a year of stalling, that was a year ago. I still E-Mail them regularly asking when they are going to give me the money they owe me. So ya China airlines sucks.

TRAINS: Anyhow if you are lucky enough to be in Japan there are some really awesome trains, pretty much anywhere to anywhere if you have a day to kill. The best schedule is at Hyperdia.

For other Asian countries I mostly recommend taking the night buses. It travels while you sleep, and you save on hostel fees. Which brings me to Hostels…


ACCOMMODATIONHostelbookers and Hostelworld are both great for finding all hostels including the dodgy kind. If you are a big wuss and need fresh towels and all sorts of junk try YHA These places are gorgeous and, with a membership, not that much pricier than some other places.

Other random fun stuff.
Nakedbus from New Zealand, way less fun than it sounds.
BusEireann Irelands major bus, there is also PaddyWagon if you are more interested in the trip than actually going anywhere.
Eurail If you want to see Europe from a train I suppose, also useful for getting places.

I am certain I forgot some things so please email me if you can think of any.

I’m asking you too send those E-Mails though so I won’t send you flaming bags of poo… this time.

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    bookmarking it for future uses!! nice post by the way!

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