Vancouver Pacific National Exhibition

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Vagabond Tim

Apparently since 1910 these screwballs have been hosting a three week long carnival thing. When it started the highlight was fireworks. You see peasants of the day, or Canadians if you prefer, were still astounded by fire and a sky full of fire blew their god damned minds. Picture the way your dog reacts to fireworks, but instead of a single dog imagine a fairground full of humans…

The whole thing was started by Sir Henri Charles Wilfrid Laurier. Henry to his friends, probably Sir to you…

Look at that spooky bastard and then tell me the fireworks thing was an accident.

Today it’s all rides and candy instead of fire and industrial equipment. Slightly more fun and a lot less likely to give you tetanus. They have a fifty year old wooden roller-coaster, it is basically the line ride. I can’t deal with rides any more so this isn’t first-hand but my brother waited in line so long that he had almost lost the will to live by the time he boarded. The rickety and fairly tame coaster ride lasted about 150 seconds…

While he stood in line we visited a farm animal display. I questioned the need for such a display as everyone in Canada has seen and personally shouted at all of these kinds of animals at least once.

I also went to a concert afterwards, so there are no photos because I think idiots trying to record concerts on their phones should be beaten to death with rock hammers.


I’ve never eaten a deep fried Mars bar before, in fact I have never even desired too… I should have gone with my instincts on this one


Clearly Spider-Man here is a fan of them though


Some lady selling knives kept trying to distract me from my food penguin related questions to tell me about knives. It was annoying


The highpoint of this, as with all events, was the presence of numerous lizards

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