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So Vancouver Pride is apparently behind todays parade. I’m sure there are dozens of groups I should credit but honestly if you care you will either know already or will google it.
Two of my brothers were in the parade so I was primarily there for blackmail purposes.

Now, I don’t do well in crowds, or standing up for prolonged periods of time. My legs have apparently decided that unplanned treason is the best way to deal with my abusing them. By abuse I mean attempting to walk places. Anyhow…

This meant that it was a pain in the ass to get through the crowd of people, at a few times we just started ramming into people repeatedly until they began moving. I’ve complained before about slow walkers ambling along four abreast and preventing anyone from moving at human speed, but it was doubly annoying today.

After an hour or so of wanting to smack people in the street and seeing several other people actually smacking people I finally managed to stop in the middle of a road that would become a parade route a few moments later. It turned out to be well worth attending.

There were many, many, many baffling things. One of which, was what I presume to be an alien blowing bubbles. I didn’t get a good photograph though, some sort of futuristic anti-evidence gathering technology was clearly at work.
There was also a surprising number of Batmen and women… Not a clue as to WHY exactly, but they were there.

I could go on about the various political parties and corporations that were somehow involved, I got to see Justin Trudeau prove once again that white guys in suits are unlikely to possess any ability to dance whatsoever, but really none of those things seem relevant when you consider that there was a fellow in leather riding a vodka delivery van. There were also magic elves and technovikings. Next year maybe I should do some acid, see if that makes it appear more normal or something.


Rickshaws are not a common sight in Canada, neither is… I’m not sure is that a really lanky troll doll…


Our ever enthusiastic police force was on hand to ensure beads for everyone


I’ve begun drafting an apology to Christopher Nolan for saying his was the weirdest version of Batman in existence.


Either he’s really high and thought it was weed pride day, or he’s gay and high. Either way he was in a parade which is more than I did today.


Snow white decided to lay off the apples for a while. She clearly switched to pies


I have no idea WHY this otter was here… Maybe it’s a gay otter… Someone please explain the otter too me, it’s gonna bug me for weeks.

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  1. Claire
    August 3, 2015 at 06:22

    The otter is gay.

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