Visiting wild tropical birds in Canada…

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Vagabond Tim
So this all starts with Lance Smart… No not that one… Look right ——————–> Yeah him

Apparently at some point in the past there was a weird critter place in what would later become Surrey. They evicted the humans but due largely to illiteracy and being birds the peafowl were not informed. Dozens of generations later they basically own the place.

The government disagrees primarily due to the difficulty of taxing Avian-Canadian citizens. This problem is compounded by the arguable citizenship of unemployed non humans. All of this could probably have been ended long ago if the birds didn’t have a dedicated champion and spokesperson, which is how I found Lance.

While watching the news a story comes on about these birds, the interview of Lance was not very flattering but better than the other guy the news made look like a total dick, we hopped into the car in search of birds that should not live here immediately. After a few moments of being in Surrey we started to see these turkey sized colourful monsters hiding in trees, on roofs, and leaping in front of cars in a mixture of bravado and spite.

Moments later we saw Lance just walking home from the store so we rushed up to inform him that he was a celebrity now. He invited us into his yard to sit and bullshit and be swarmed by birds. It was great.

Anyone who ever gets the chance to visit the birds and their hero should move fast. He is just one man trying to hold back the will of an entire cities government.

Lance Smart, defender of urban peacockery

Human yards are merely places to find bugs apparently

I specifically didn’t wear my normal colourful shit to avoid pissing them off too 🙁

Wandering across the street with no fucks given

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