What the hell is an aluminum falcon!?

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Vagabond Tim
Somehow I managed to be the last person on earth who hadn’t seen the force awakens… Now I hadn’t realized it was asleep, I mean I saw those movies in the 80’s and it seemed pretty goddamn awake back then… Somehow I even managed to avoid any spoilers other than the obvious fact that it is Starwars and will most likely involve a Jedi and an exceedingly emotive robot.

I haven’t actually seen any of the original movies in almost 20 years and I was pretty damn wasted so I saw it with as close to no preconceptions as was possible. Basically it was the story of a dehydrated ragamuffin and a beeping toaster trying to get kidnapped slightly less than an emo cosplay enthusiast with an orchestra following him around would like. There are some comedic moments where a walking carpet and his senior citizen handler make references to having once been cool.

I did actually enjoy the movie more than most things that I see, but that really isn’t saying much….

Anyhow you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks, this is basically because while it has been a rather eventful month there are sadly very few entertaining pictures of animals.
There was this raccoon, but he was more into biting than being photographed…

In other weird and unrelated news I managed to finish the map of The Crescent for the back of my book, any copies ordered now will include it, however the few dozen ordered before then will most certainly be worth something one day, assuming paper becomes a valuable commodity after the apocalypse.


So apparently beverages are now distributed by robots… Back in my day we had oily pimply faced teenagers who were paid next to nothing. So on behalf of my past self: “Them there dern robits took our jobs!!!”


I think I might have taken the wrong bus… or that damn robot spiked my drink… Never trust robots!

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