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Many of my readers have personally asked me to shut up about this and to those sycophants, you know who you are, I say ‘go to hell.’

While I will admit ‘Les Miserable’ is in fact about the french and contains quite a bit of singing it is well worth seeing, especially in the theatre with the amazing sound system blaring the aforementioned singing at 120+ DB.

When I first saw this live was back in the mid nineties, I am aware I am old, shut up. Having heard it was to become a movie a year or so ago I was absolutely thrilled at the prospect of finally being able to purchase the soundtrack without several glaring omissions. Sadly this did not come to pass as once again the folks with cheque books in hollywood have proven they are not only severely mentally impaired but also not overly interested making a good product. The largest production value in the film was dedicated to the song of angry men, as it was in the musical, and again it is absent from the soundtrack for reasons I cannot fathom.

The movie itself does an amazing job of transitioning actors into roles I would not have placed money on their ability to perform, prime among them being Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean and Russell Crowe as Javert. I did continue to expect them to throw down and beat the hell out of one another as per previous roles.

Not to in any way diminish the minor roles within the film, but most of them either die or disappear quite quickly after appearing, including notable ‘main characters’ like Anne Hathaway. Perhaps the oddest choice was Sacha Cohen (Borat), not due specifically to acting ability, but the fact that I was under the impression we as a film going people had banned him from ever darkening our lives with his presence again.

Les Mis

Les Mis Cast

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