When to fire your PR team

Vagabond Tim
Recently Jon Stewart was ripping on Donald Trump again, and for whatever reason Don’s PR team allowed him to not only respond to it, but to do so in the most Fuckface von Clownstick fashion possible.

First let us assume that Donald HAS a PR team, which is quite an assumption as no one seems to make any attempt to reign in his ridiculous and transparent attempts at self-aggrandizing. Watching this idiot in action reminds me of those kids in elementary school that would make up literally any easily disprovable thing in the vain hope that someone might for a moment like them.

Secondly if someone who, like Jon, has a team of researchers and comedy writers on staff starts mocking you, roll with it. For example tweet a correction stating it is in fact Fuckface van Clownstick and berate Jon for his poor research. Not only would that split the popularity on twitter by introducing new hashtags, but it would place the weight of maintaining the relevance of the joke on Jon while not adding any real fuel to the fire.

Third, Donald Trump has a very poor track record when it comes to verbal confrontations and has ended up being brutally roasted for it. Additionally those with much better research skills than I have compiled a short list of moments in Trump’s Twitter history that should have resulted in either his team revoking his access to twitter, or their dismissal en masse.

This brings me to my last point about ‘The Donald’ and his PR team’s astounding incompetence. The long standing mockery of his hair and the suggestion that it is a toupee is somewhat absurd,  a man with that kind of money could afford hair plugs. While I am not certain why so many people in the public eye are either to simple or too self-conscious to employ a little bit of self deprecating humour, it is not a difficult skill to master nor is it some form of obscure arcane magic.

That should be von Clownstick, von is not meant to be capitalized

That should be von Clownstick, it is not meant to be capitalized

Either the toupee is glued to his skull, or he just has bad hair.

Either the toupee is glued to his skull, or he just has bad hair.

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